EasyAntiCheat for eSports

EasyAntiCheat for eSports is a league anti–cheat for the people that play in eSport leagues and tournaments.

The eSports service operates completely independent from EasyAntiCheat‘s standard service, as when integrated directly into games. Not only does it follow a fundamentally different subscription model, it also offers a different set of features than when fully integrated.

EasyAntiCheat is available for eSports events on the following games.


Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Before you can install and launch EasyAntiCheat for eSports you need to have the Steam desktop application installed.
Do you have Steam installed on this computer?

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License EasyAntiCheat for eSports

Organizing a league or tournament? Please visit this page again near the end of January 2017!
We‘re updating the licensing model to be more suited to your needs.

In the meanwhile, existing customers can continue using the service
but new licenses for EasyAntiCheat won‘t be provided before 1 February 2017.