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EasyAntiCheat is on a mission to provide game developers and publishers the best conditions for creating truly satisfying multiplayer game experiences that can be enjoyed by any player alike.

The Story

EasyAntiCheat's story goes back to 2006 with a founding team that has always been passionate about gaming. Having the goal of gaining insight in how game engines work and improving coding skills, the team's teenage years were spent by reversing and hacking games. Realizing the importance of an unharmed community, what started as a hobby soon evolved into the creation of an anti–cheat client used and relied upon by Counter–Strike leagues all over the world. From this point on, the client has constantly been targeted by game hacking communities, motivating and pushing the team to improve and continue learning about operating system internals and ways to scale the technology to millions of players.

In late 2013 EasyAntiCheat Ltd was established to take the challenge to the next level, and build upon EasyAntiCheat as a league anti–cheat to create and deliver an industry defining game security service. The team partnered up with Paradox Interactive who provided tremendous support in establishing EasyAntiCheat as a licensable service. EasyAntiCheat was integrated and launched into three Paradox games during Q2 2014.

Magicka: Wizard Wars chose to work with EAC to give our players the best possible competitive gaming experience, free from cheaters and exploiters. The technology was unique and has had yielded excellent results. Being one of the first titles to work with EAC there were of course many technical challenges, but we overcame them thanks to EAC's rapid response time and availability. EAC has matured tremendously both as a product and company during the development of Magicka: Wizard Wars and the player can play the skill based game without fear of opponents getting unfair advantages via cheating.
David Nisshagen, Game Director at Paradox North

With an ongoing focus on delivering the finest end–user experiences with services that boost game developers forward, EasyAntiCheat attracted partnerships with many acclaimed game developers and world–class publishers all over the world.

Integrating EasyAntiCheat was simple, straightforward, and, crucially, didn‘t impact the performance of Warface for our players, which was absolutely vital. Before EasyAntiCheat, Warface was targeted by several communities of hackers. Today, EasyAntiCheat has helped eradicate the lion share of the cheats and hacks in the game, and when new hacks and cheats are identified, the team at EasyAntiCheat deal with them in a timely and effective manner. We‘ve been surprised at just how robust the system is, and are happy to highly recommend the service and team to anyone looking to defend their communities from hackers and cheats.
Ilya Mamontov, Director of Games Operations at Crytek

The rest is history – or the future actually. We are on a mission to deliver the finest end–user experiences, and provide game studios the very best conditions to create truly satisfying game environments. So far, EasyAntiCheat has already been used by 38 940 987 unique players around the globe. And we‘re not stopping. The game is on.

R&D History

We believe in exploring the limits of what is possible, thereby doing something exciting and meaningful. As a result, EasyAntiCheat exists around a shared love of gaming, excellence, and programming. We pride ourselves to always be the first in experimenting with new techniques, and bringing them into reality on a large scale. To read more about the development efforts that made it into production so far, visit the features page.

Here‘s a short history of our R&D outputs.

  • 2006, The Birth of EasyAntiCheat

    The original introduction of EasyAntiCheat, developed for leagues and tournaments around Counter–Strike 1.6.
  • 2008, Seamless Updates

    The anti–cheat modules are streamed to the client each time the game is started. Over the years this system grew into today‘s continuous integration system, offering constant re–obfuscation and seamless deployment of updates.
  • 2009, Prevention Features

    The original introduction of prevention features into EasyAntiCheat. Ever since, development has been focused around cheat prevention rather than detection, and we can with confidence state that it‘s the strongest of its kind today.
  • 2013, Integrated Solution

    The birth of EasyAntiCheat as an integrated anti–cheat service. The founding team took the first steps in professionalizing EasyAntiCheat and integrating the service directly into games, in partnership with the studios and publishers.
  • 2015, Cerberus

    Gameplay behavior analysis through machine learning. Not the first, but first to be combined into a single holistic solution together with the client–side approach.
  • 2016, Sense

    Our spider senses are tingling.. Sense analyses client data through machine learning and is the latest breakthrough step in anti–cheat innovations, opening the road to a entire next generation of anti–cheat techniques.
    The results have been amazing so far, drastically reducing our dependency on human resources while increasing our agility and response times as new cheat techniques emerge.
  • Future

    We‘re determined to continue leading the anti–cheat research through breakthrough experiments and relentless development, staying hungry in providing forward–thinking solutions that help you position for the future!

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We're always looking for fresh talent to join our ranks. We have openings in all positions, but the following are of particularly high demand:

  • Reverse Engineer (Helsinki)
  • Big Data Engineer (Helsinki)
  • Web Developer (Helsinki)

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