Looking for an Effective Game Security Solution?

EasyAntiCheat keeps games fun by providing a world–class security solution made effortless for game developers.

As the only one of its kind, EAC focuses on providing a long–term solution against cheating. Communities are safeguarded by an emphasis on pro–active prevention against games being hacked, rather than on enforcement of endless banlists. To achieve this goal EasyAntiCheat incorporates a wide range of game security services for online multiplayer games, including client–side protection, server–side middleware, and expert developer–centric support.

Peace of Mind

Our mission is to enable developers and publishers to fully focus on growing their game, delivering a truly satisfying online experience to players. Forget about the constant arm race against cheaters!

Premium Security

EasyAntiCheat's unique pro–active approach focuses on prevention and precision by countering the root cause of cheating. The threshold for developing new hacks is constantly raised by countering the underlying cheat mechanisms. This sandbox approach leads to less hacking attempts, no false positives, and a healthier community.

Expert Team

Our core team has been developing protective tools for nearly a decade, guarantying top expertise. During the game's entire life cycle, our efficient group of professional developers takes full accountability of keeping the game clean from cheaters.

Let's Partner Up?

Extend your team with a group of professionals and become free to build what's interesting and fun!