• Third-party anti-cheat
  • Magicka: Wizard Wars
  • Paradox War Franchise

Counter–Strike 1.6/GO/Source & Team Fortress 2

We are very happy with the simplicity and effectiveness of EAC, it has helped us for years to keep our community of over 500.000 cheater free and thus players happy.
Simon Dotschuweit – Playzeek
EAC has proved to be a key element in Leetway's multilayer approach to combating cheaters. The software lives up to its name and the staff is responsive and helpful.
We've been happily using EAC for years to keep our competitions as hacker free as possible.
Jeremy Klaosen – CyberGamer
We are happy of licensing EasyAntiCheat as one of the most stable and friendly anti–cheat solutions that is updating every day and, probably, night :)
Igor Ostroumov – Over.pro
An even playing field is paramount for an online competitive scene. EasyAntiCheat takes worrying about foul play out of the equation and lets both the players and organizers focus fully on the game.
Silviu Stroie – ComputerGames.ro

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